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First Blog, Who Dis?

I know everyone is probably out there wondering "What tf is Leebaby Galore? Who's behind this brand? Why should I trust them?" … Well todays the day we'll answer those questions!

First, I'll start by introducing myself. My name is Aliah Hemby and I am one of the owners of Leebaby Galore, a women's online boutique. I started this boutique in frustration of shopping online with other brands. Ohh how I'd love to name drop those brands but I won't LOL! I've had a hard time finding clothes that would be long enough for my legs or fit my body shape. I would look on every popular website and most of the models were short and "curvy" yet wearing a size SMALL!! Like how sis? There's no way she's wearing a small. So I took it upon myself to create a brand that caters to the "not so curvy" girl.

Leebaby Galore is for the women who's not shaped like the IG models we constantly see on our timeline! When you look at our customers you see a variety of shapes and heights, from short to tall and petite to thick. We are currently working on expanding our sizes to cater to more women, but one step at a time. We're eager to learn what our potential #Leebabes would love to see on our site. We want to build a brand that values the customers opinion. 

If we haven't gained your trust just yet, that's okay. Check out our About Us page to learn a little bit more. This is the first of MANY blogs so stay tuned! If you have any hot topics you'd like for us to discuss or just feedback, feel free to comment below or DM us on social media!

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